With over 10 Decades of Ayurvedic expertise, excellence, countless awards & accolades and with over 35 centres in more than 9 countries we are the fastest growing Ayurvedic chain in the world.



Kairali, as almost is familiar about, is an Ayurvedic brand that has unmatchable standards due to which we decided to take up Kairali Franchise and set up a treatment centre at Faridabad. Our journey with Kairali has been that of bread and butter. The main source of revenue is through Kairali so it is a parent company that has lot of children under one name. I got a chance to know Kairali in details apart from knowing that it is an Ayurvedic group. I would definitely recommend Kairali’s franchise service to other investors because of the fact that Kairali delivers true authentic Ayurveda services to its clients and has been serving the human community with its specialised Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Kairali team for making us a part of their family.

Ms. Shailja Sudarshan


Honestly speaking, Kairali being an Ayurvedic Group delivers the best Ayurvedic and hospitality services in the hotel and wellness industry. Due to its natural touch in each and every work of theirs, we have decided to be a part of the Kairali team, and take up the Kairali franchise. Setting up a day-care healing centre at Nagpur makes it possible for the local public to get access to the authentic Ayurvedic services from Kairali. Our journey with Kairali has been a wonderful one and we look forward for a more stronger business relation in the future. My recommendation for taking up Kairali franchise by the investors would always be present and would like to see the world as a healthier and a better place to live in. With the best Ayurvedic services and managing staff, Kairali proves to be the leading brand in the hospitality sector.

Mr. Chandrapal Choukasey


The name Kairali is sufficient to know about the excellent works that it has been doing so far. It is a centenarian Ayurvedic brand who under the aegis of renowned physicians and doctors, thought of giving it a formal outlook. And this is how Kairali is what it is now. And also this is the reason why I thought of engaging into a business relation with Kairali. The essence of Ayurveda can be felt and experienced with Kairali. The authentic Ayurvedic therapies being taught by the professionals, the Ayurvedic equipment’s, the spa therapists, etc. all are accountable for maintaining Kairali’s high standards and reputation. I would very happily recommend other investors to choose Kairali if they want to invest for something worthy. My best wishes to each and every member of Kairali so that they continue working for the betterment of the community.

Mr. Manikant


The only reason behind taking up Kairali Franchise is the authenticity with which Kairali delivers its knowledge of Ayurveda. The expertise of the therapists too is an important reason for linking up with Kairali. The journey has been a wonderful one till now and hope to expand it further. The best part I like about the franchising process is the cooperation and the helping hand that the management team of Kairali offers. I would like to thank Harshit for approaching me for the franchise and helping me understand the procedures related to it. I personally do not find an issue to recommend our franchise service to other investors. The reason behind is if there is an opportunity to grow and expand the business then why not. As I have experienced the goodness of Kairali as a true Ayurvedic Company, I can truly recommend it to others as well. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Kairali family for making us a part of their team.

Ms. Pragya Singh


Our Hyderabad Franchise is considered to be the ‘master franchise’ of Kairali Ayurvedic Centres. I have taken up Kairali Franchise because of the fact that Kairali has proven to be the top Ayurveda brand and has given a solid base to its envisaged mission. The journey with Kairali is a smooth one. We have been receiving help whenever we wanted. I appreciate the fact that the management of the entire business is controlled in a very smooth and a hassle-free manner. Managing the different franchise companies by a parent company located in a different location is very much commendable. I would definitely recommend the franchise service by Kairali to other investors because they would invest in something which is going to give them a great return without taking risk. I would wish Kairali all the best for the upcoming years for a fruitful business.

Mr. Shyam Sundar


I have been hearing and seeing a lot about the works done by Kairali due to which I decided to merge myself with Kairali. We as a franchise have been working as a team and getting support from Kairali as well but would require much more cooperation and help from Kairali in making our franchise company a leading Ayurvedic Centre in Raipur. When it comes to research and finding out the right parent company, I appreciate that part the most. Because of the fact that if proper research is not done, it does not take time to fall into a trap of loss. I would rather support in promoting the brand name of Kairali for keeping up its good work and I believe good work should be spread. Nothing as such but I would like to ask Kairali to open up franchise companies more and more.

Mr. Sudhir Sultania


The reason for me taking up Kairali Franchise is because I want to see my north-eastern region grow with the benefits of Ayurveda. And as heard before Kairali is one of the best Ayurvedic brands flourishing in the domestic as well as international market. My journey with Kairali has been quite a good one. The expertise with which Kairali renders services and makes people understand about the benefits impresses me the most. I am in full support of recommending our franchise service to other potential investors because I personally want to see our region growing healthily. Thank you for the support that you have been giving us and we look forward for more help and support.

Mr. Nirmal Garg


Kairali is an ancestral brand and if it has managed to live up to the expectations of the customers then why not connect with such a brand. It has been a pleasant journey so far. The support from the management team of Kairali is commendable. With regular follow-ups and the accountability that it shows makes me more confident on the expertise of Kairali. Yes, of course I would like to see more of Kairali flourishing in the wellness and spa industry. Thank you for the support and all the best.

Dr. Rakesh Shah



Having set its firm footing in the spa and wellness industry, Kairali has managed to win the hearts of every customer. Due to its authentic healing approaches, I thought of being a part of the Kairali Franchise. It has been a dynamic journey so far. Accepting every pros and cons I have always encouraged my team to move forward with a vision and mission. The excellent service and the profound knowledge that Kairali provides is authentic and true which serves to be an important reason for the developing franchising process. Yes I would definitely support the recommendation of our franchise service to other potential investors. Wishing Kairali all the best for a bright future.

Mr.Tarek Victor


Ayurveda even though is an ancient science is gaining momentum as an alternative form of medicine in the entire world. So keeping a vision in mind to propagate the curative healing approaches to health, I came forward to join hands with Kairali. It has been an amazing journey so far with Kairali where there is a positive response from the customers. With increasing awareness of the discipline of Ayurveda, we have been catering to the present day needs as per the customers wants. The way Kairali is maintaining the management team is highly noteworthy. When it comes to a franchising process, this attracts me the most. I would definitely recommend our franchise service to other potential investors. Keep up the good work and keep on doing community services for the betterment of the living species on earth.

Mr. Petr Zempliner


Ayurveda and India have a strong old connection and I found there is no such authentic company other than Kairali delivering top-notch services in the wellness industry. It has been a wonderful journey with Kairali so far with the help of which we have been trying to give the world a new hope to life. Cooperative attitude towards the franchisees is more beneficial for the business to run smoothly. Yes I would recommend our franchise service to other potential investors. But I would also keep a keen eye on the works of the coming investors after which I would decide whether to move forward or not. We look forward in the near future to work more with you and be an integral part of your family.

Mr. Nuvin Deerpalsing


We as an entity always believe in the genuine and true source for knowledge. That is the reason why we thought of entering into a business tie with Kairali. The works of Kairali are extremely unique and follow the basic principles of Ayurveda. This journey with Kairali has brought in a lot of new inspiration and hope for our customers and we long to work with them in the future as well. The one thing that caught my eye was the managerial skills of Kairali that have helped them achieve this position. Yes, definitely I would love to recommend our franchise service to other potential investors because Kairali has the right to be a household name in the entire universe. Thank you for your extended support and hoping to stay connected with you in the future as well.

Ms. Nishida Wakaba